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Lyssy & Eckel On Target Research

Thank you for your interest in Lyssy & Eckel Deer Feeds and the 'On Target' program. New research has now led to the development of the 'On Target Nutrition Program.' This program takes deer nutrition to a whole new level by recognizing that each ranch has different soil types and browse species. As soil types vary, so do the levels of protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, zing and manganese found in the brush diets of whitetail deer. We begin by sampling all tier 1 and tier 2 browse. These samples are then dehydrated, the leaves are removed from their branches, and the leaf samples are then forwarded to a forage laboratory. Browse sample results are then used to formulate a deer feed designed to supplement the browse found on your ranch. The 'On Target Nutrition Program' simply fine tunes the free-ranging deer fees we now offer. Nine different sources of vegetable protein and elevated levels of copper, zinc, manganese and selenium will continue to be the nutritional basis of our feeds. To maximize protein utilization, our feeds have a balanced degradable to bypass protein ration, and critical amino acids are selected in order to enhance tyne length and antler mass. For improved trace mineral absorption, we utilize a combination of sulfate and chelated trace minerals.

For More Information on the On Target Research Program Contact Ronnie Eckel at 830-484-3314.

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